Eugene W. Hill

Eugene Hill studied accounting and business administration in college, which provided a solid background for his eventual career in the financial services industry. He served in the U.S. Navy as part of the Aviation Division. His initial foray into business in 1988 also started in the field of aviation, and with his aircraft parts company, Gene amassed a wide range of experience while traveling the world.

After witnessing the rising costs in the aircraft parts industry and meeting someone in the financial services industry, Gene transitioned to a career as a registered representative for Prudential. Increasingly feeling restricted by the product offerings of Prudential, Gene started his own insurance and financial services business over 30 years ago and has never looked back.

“I am honored to be able to help people by using all the tools available,” said Gene. “But that said, we take this responsibility extremely seriously. We tell people what they need to hear, which may not always be what they want to hear. For example, too many people spend money they don’t have to buy stuff they can’t afford to impress people they don’t like. So, we are going to look out for what is best for our clients with the recommendations we make to them at all times. Unlike some other segments of our industry, our promise is that we will always be truthful.”

E Hill Financial Group offers the full spectrum of financial services, including:

• Retirement planning
• Medicare consultation
• Legacy planning
• Asset management
• Tax planning

“We always move at the pace our clients are comfortable with,” said Gene. “And what we’ve found in our practice is that most people manage their mortgage payment, car payment, their budget, but they’ve never completed a comprehensive plan for their retirement. And that is a differencemaker.”

E Hill Financial Group is a family-owned and operated business. The mission, purpose and passion of the firm connects directly to a responsibility to the community of Broward County. “I want to destroy the poverty mentality that many people have,” said Gene, “whether it stems from generational, economic or racial issues. I want to educate people about financial planning so they can make better financial decisions.”

From their offices in Florida and Colorado, E Hill Financial Group now services clients in 24 states. In their business interactions with people, they always strive to fulfill the role of welcome guests instead of unwanted pests. “We want to be gentle enough for clients to know that we care,” said Gene, “and firm enough for them to trust that we will not allow their excuses to prevent us from solving their financial issues.”

Gene has been active in his church for 26 years and serves as an associate pastor, so he dedicates much of his time away from the office to his ministry, offering stewardship services, pre-marital and marriage counseling, and commitment to helping young men at his church through the men’s ministry program. Gene has seven grandchildren and prides himself in staying current with the issues kids are facing. “My grandsons think their pop is cool!” he joked. 

In his free time, Gene is an avid golfer, and enjoys date nights and fine dining with his wife Deborah.

Eldrick Hill

After attending the U.S. Air Force Academy, Eldrick “El” Hill embarked on a career as a civil engineer in the Air Force that stretched across two decades in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During this time, he also served for three years as a football coach for the Air Force Falcons, the team he played for as a defensive back while a cadet.

El intended to pursue a career as a coach, with aspirations to one day coach in the NFL, until a talk he had with his father one day. Eugene Hill, El’s father, is the Founder/President of E Hill Financial Group and has provided financial services and advice to people in the greater Fort Lauderdale/Miami region of Florida for decades.

“So many things came together that day,” said El. “We talked about finances, taxes, and planning. In my Air Force skills tests, I had graded out very high in finance and people skills. And I had concerns about coaching in terms of not knowing where I might need to move my family to succeed in the profession. On top of that, I realized I needed to start saving for my own retirement!”

That conversation happened over 10 years ago. Since then, El has worked as an insurancelicensed advisor for E Hill Financial Group, and is currently pursuing a securities license. He focuses on providing individualized service to his clients, and then communicating with them consistently so they never have to wonder where they are in their paths to financial security.

 “One of the things that fascinates me about my profession is that there is no cookiecutter approach,” said El. “Everyone has individual and different needs. They might all seek prosperity, but everyone has different paths to get there. My financial expertise is all well and good, but I want to understand a client’s scenario and financial goals. I don’t move forward with anything before that is clearly established and understood to an absolute comfort level between us. My parents instilled that integrity in me.”

E Hill Financial Group prides itself in allowing clients to see and understand the process, and in always maintaining transparency. They never want there to be any surprises for clients. “Our job is to identify the process and always let them know where they are in the process,” said El. “If you don’t know where you’re going, the journey will take you a lot longer.”

El’s objective at E Hill Financial Group is to make sure his clients are always supported, and that his service always meets the standard of excellence. A lot of people contact us without knowing what they need and that is nothing to be ashamed of,” says El. “But if a client calls you and says, ‘what do I do next,’ then you haven’t done your job. I get confirmations from people on how often we will be in touch. I’m here to be a welcome guest and not an unnecessary pest for them.”

Away from the office, El says he is in a very passionate relationship with his wife of 25 years and that she has blessed him with four beautiful children—the oldest a 24-year-old son, then a son who is 20, and boy/girl twins who are now 19. 

El also loves all team sports and has recently begun playing golf. In his community, he has donated financial advice to clubs like Jack and Jill, the Colorado Cotillions, and he hopes to volunteer soon with the U.S. government and military in offering financial advice and planning. “I have a passion to make sure young people in the military and government have that kind of training,” says El. “We have always dealt with the whole spectrum of people. We like to help them establish who they are and get to where they are going.”

Deborah Hill

Deborah is the Administrative Coordinator at E Hill Financial Group. She has a background in nursing, specifically pediatric, medical and surgical nursing, and found her true passion when she switched to a career in public health nursing.

“Public health nursing is about promoting healthy lifestyles and providing education that encourages people to have better life habits and live healthier lives,” said Deborah. “You see people in their homes, and you see the disparities of the underserved in our communities. The financial services industry, at least as we see it at E Hill, should be about encouraging people to make lifestyle changes as they relate to their resources, to ultimately improve their financial lives.”

In her daytoday work at E Hill, Deborah coordinates the administration between the firm’s two offices in Broward Country, Florida, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. She makes sure all client information is current and manages all office scheduling. She also consults clients on Medicare issues.

Just as in the medical health field, Deborah believes that you can provide people with information, but they have to be ready to receive it. Just giving them the information and expecting change is not always sufficient. “But just because they’re not ready,” she said, “that doesn’t mean we leave them. We continue to stay in contact with people at E Hill Financial Group. So, when they’re ready, we’re ready.”

Away from the office, Deborah is part of the women’s ministry at her church. With her husband Gene, she also offers couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, and marriage counseling. As the chairperson of Dare to Care, Deborah helps those in the greater South Florida area who are experiencing food insecurities, feeding about 400 people every weekend. She supports community education through her work in the Evelyn Hernandez Scholarship Committee, serves on the quality assurance committee of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and stays active in her Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and going to lunches with her retired nursing friends. She also loves date nights with Gene and the opportunities to try new restaurants in the South Florida area.